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This 60-90 minute live, interactive virtual workshop is hosted by Screen Time Clinic® founder and digital wellness expert, Nicole Rawson, for your group of over 20 participants. Since the pandemic millions of adults have experienced tech overwhelm, quiet quitting, focus stamina, and erosion of emotional intelligence that bond teams. This workshop will help bring a fresh perspective, new solutions, and timely insight into how your team can manage life better in the digital age. From mental health to reputation management, over a dozen areas of concern are covered and solutions are provided on how to reduce stress by making technology less of a distraction at work and home. You will also gain leadership skills on how to influence the tech culture in your workplace to set new communication norms when it comes to unplugging, response times, and workflow. Don’t miss your opportunity to craft a Digitally Well Culture and get your team engaged and productive.

The voucher is for over 20 people. Groups fewer than 20 will receive access to the self-paced course or option to enroll up to 200 students self-paced.

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