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Lasagna Love is building our Volunteer Portal 2.0 and Give Kindness App as an open source project
It’s led by a team of rockstar tech folks who are passionate about using their skills for good
It’s built ground up for beginner and experienced product/data science/designers/engineers to contribute
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Lasagna Love is a global nonprofit that connects neighbors with neighbors through home-cooked meal delivery. Our aim is not only to help address the incredible rise in food insecurity, among families, but also to provide an act of love and kindness. In fact, every minute you spend reading this, someone is being fed by a Lasagna Love volunteer. In under three years we have fed 1.3 million people in need of food, comfort, and support. Here are some of their stories.

“Lasagna love has helped me and my family so much, from not knowing what we will eat for the night. Lasagna love was always there when times were hard. Knowing we have a set meal every month is so helpful. It’s made with so much love and care, delivered fresh and hot. I’m a mother of twins and it gets hard for me at times with food, between food pantries and Lasagna Love I’m not sure how we would be able to eat without the help.”

Recipient, Florida

“I joined lasagna love in 2020 after my mom passed to share some good back in the world which was lost. She was a pediatric nurse practitioner, the first person you called for support, the first person to show up on your doorstep with a meal if you needed some love and overall just a beautiful person. I had never made a lasagna before this and I’ve helped out easily over a hundred families.”

Volunteer, Massachusetts

“We received the best lasagna I ever had. Even better then my own. I have 9 people in my household with very little money. 3 generations. I hadn’t eaten in 2 days when it arrived. I always make sure the kids have enough to eat even if it means I don’t eat much to make sure of it. I know many people are struggling in todays world just like my family but to me you are a life saver and a blessing. Thank you so very much.”

Recipient, Iowa

“I work for a non-profit that combats food insecurity. I really love my job and that I get to help feed people… …Lasagna Love gives me a different kind of experience. As an LL chef, I feel like I’m really able to connect with my community. When I get to take a meal to someone, I get to be with them for a moment wherever they are in life. For me, there’s nothing like the gift of food to say ‘I care about you.'”

Lasagna Chef, Kansas

“I recently had my hip replaced here in the san Fernando Valley and was greatly surprised when a friend reached out to off er Lasagna Love to me. I live alone, I’m 68 and as I am usually quite independent, my recovery and surgery was definitely a challenge. So, when Justin arrived recently with a piping hoy meat lasagna, plenty for at least three meals, I was really quite moved by his generosity and kindness. Thank you everyone!”

Recipient, California

“Never thought I’d be asking for help. I was always able to help my fellow humans. Then last year I became sick. So sick I couldn’t provide for my family. I couldn’t get out of the bed or leave the house. I never in my life thought we’d be forced to file bankruptcy. This has been so hard mentally, physically, financially, and spiritually it was such a blessing to be in this program. My kids were so happy and so grateful for the amazing lasagna, bread, and salad. It was homemade and made with love. We were so thankful for that night. So blessed and thankful for this amazing opportunity. Best lasagna ever.”

Recipient, Florida

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