Global Community Impact Movement Plants Seeds of Lasagna and Kindness in Louisiana; Kicking Off National Day of Service Proving the Network Effect of Kindness

Lake Charles, LA (January 10, 2024)  Lasagna Love, the viral grassroots community impact movement turned nonprofit, is proud to announce the successful conclusion of its Lasagna-Fest event in Lake Charles, LA. This initiative, part of the organization’s mission to tackle food insecurity and foster community kindness, coincides with the revealing of compelling survey results ahead of the National Day of Service on January 15th, 2024.

Impactful Survey Highlights the Power of Kindness

The survey conducted by Lasagna Love was designed to gauge the extent of the network effect of kindness within the community. The results were remarkable, showing that nearly 98% of the recipients of Lasagna Love’s acts of generosity felt inspired to continue the chain of kindness. Specific findings include 21% of recipients who immediately engaged in kind acts, 45% planning future acts of kindness, and others expressing a general intent to contribute positively. A significant number of respondents committed to sharing meals or donating food, highlighting the far-reaching impact of kindness. The survey also highlighted that neighbors receiving Lasagna Love’s acts of kindness feel more connected (89%) and supported (93%) by their community after receiving a home-cooked meal. Marilyn B, a lasagna recipient, said “A friend told me about your service, but it took me a while to think I deserved such a wonderful gift. Once I requested my first lasagna, your volunteers made me feel special. I knew that this was a wonderful service. I hope one day that I will be able to deliver lasagna to another family like mine. With Lasagna Love.”

Volunteers, too, experience a positive impact, further enhancing community connectedness and demonstrating the powerful ripple effect of kindness. A volunteer chef from TN said “Every single time my husband and I go out on deliveries, we return home in even better moods. Giving back is truly good for the soul!”

Lasagna-Fest: A Testament to Community Solidarity and Partnership

Lasagna-Fest, a 3 day event, held from January 8th to January 10th, 2024, was a monumental effort that brought together volunteers and partners to prepare and distribute 700 pans of lasagna, impacting over 2400 individuals, to neighbors and organizations in need, including school custodians, hospital staff, and charity clients. This event was notably supported by the Popeyes Foundation’s Food Love Grant and the regional assistance of United Way of Southwest Louisiana, along with various partners such as CITGO Petroleum, Turner Industries, GRACE, Westlake Corporation, PPG, Second Harvest Food Bank, Abraham’s Tent, Catholic Charities, and more.

Andria Larson, Executive Director of Lasagna Love, expressed her gratitude and pride, stating, “Our core mission is to feed families, spread kindness, and build stronger communities. Lasagna-Fest is a prime example of this mission in action, and we are deeply thankful to our partners, especially the Popeyes Foundation, the United Way Southwest Louisiana, and to all volunteers who have made this possible. Lake Charles is such a resilient community. I was honored to be able to work shoulder to shoulder with our partners in their kitchens serving those who need a culinary hug. The local volunteers and organizations are so giving and there is just something really special in Lake Charles.”

Lasagna Love’s Secret Recipe

Lasagna Love’s innovative operational model leverages digital applications and social media platforms, fostering unprecedented connectivity and organizational cohesion among volunteers. The organization is predominantly run by a dedicated army of volunteers, including regional and national volunteer leadership, uniting over 48,000 individuals worldwide, all driven by the shared purpose of spreading acts of kindness—one of the nonprofit’s core mission principles.

About Lasagna Love

Established in 2020, Lasagna Love has evolved from a viral grassroots community impact movement to a global nonprofit organization. With a volunteer network exceeding 48,000 individuals, the organization operates across the United States, Puerto Rico, Australia, and Canada, making a profound impact in 1,600,000 lives.

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