Do you or a friend need a hand with dinner?

Kindness is for everyone. No matter the reason for the need, your community wants to help. Let a neighbor deliver a home-cooked lasagna or main dish to your family one night. We currently have volunteer chefs cooking in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Australia.

How It Works


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Coordinate a day and time.


Get a safe and contactless delivery.


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“I had just undergone breast cancer surgery and I was having trouble moving my one arm. Being a single parent of 3 children made it difficult for me to shop for and prepare food during this time. Receiving my lasagna made me feel so cared for and it allowed me to sit and enjoy a long night of good conversation and laughs at the table with my children. Thank you so much! 🥰”

Kristen, recipient

“We have been so overwhelmed, and so short on income this past year. So, not having to make dinner a few times, and having such a wonderful thing given to us as a lasagna was amazing. It gave our family a chance to share a few beautiful meals together. Also, Lasagna Love made my father-in-law a lasagna to celebrate his 90th birthday! He loved it. Again, it helped our family so much to be able for him to have a beautiful and delicious meal on such a special day. It has really added quality to our life.”

Gabrielle, recipient