Get Involved

Together, We Reach More Families

Whether you are an individual looking for a way to help others or an organization ready to make a difference, there is a way for you to join the kindness project. You can change lives by becoming a volunteer, becoming a sponsor, collaborating with us, or donating funds.

Become a Corporate Sponsor

Why Sponsor?


Employees and customers like to know that they are involved with companies that make an impact in the community. Lasagna Love reaches people at the grassroots level. When you sponsor us, you know that you are not only reaching families in need, you are also moving the needle on kindness in our communities.

Collaborate With Us

For Nonprofits and More


From food banks to community centers to school districts, we’ve partnered with many organizations to bring Lasagna Love to the families they serve. Or are you a supermarket that could partner with our volunteers to help source ingredients? A software company looking to put some hours towards social impact? Tell us how we can help you help your community: we’re in.

Sponsor a Lasagna Chef

Keep Our Volunteers Going


Our lasagna chefs can feed more families with funding. If you want to help but don’t have the time you need, consider sponsoring one of our chefs so they can keep making a difference in their community.

Become a Lasagna Chef

Put Your Cooking Skills to Use


If you love to cook and want to support your families in your community, consider becoming a lasagna chef. You can get the whole family involved and join our kindness project.