BOSTON, MA (February 2, 2024) – A record for the state of Massachusetts, the global nonprofit Lasagna Love, has released incredible statistics within their Massachusetts division. The organization, which aims to positively impact communities by connecting neighbors with neighbors through homemade meal delivery, is announcing a state record delivery of 30,000+ lasagnas which equates to feeding 120,000 people in the state of Massachusetts since the nonprofit’s inception.

While such a large number of deliveries is a proud moment for the relatively small state of MA as it proves their 800 person volunteer base is strong and willing to serve, it also demonstrates the growing need for families to be fed. Fortunately for these families, there exists a compassionate team of home chefs ready to serve neighbors who are facing a challenging time. MA Regional Director, Andrea Scullin, is very proud of her team of volunteers and local leaders who always step up to help. In fact, they go above and beyond by offering to pick up last minute unfulfilled deliveries each week. Their private Facebook page is flooded with thoughtful offers from volunteers willing to feed the backlog of unassigned families. Andrea recently said “We are so fortunate to have so many chefs who have been with us since the beginning and so many who continue to join us today. Your commitment to supporting your communities and feeding your neighbors during their hard times is absolutely inspiring.” Scullin has been with Lasagna Love since September of 2020 and has been honored for her volunteer efforts several times in her home state. Among those achievements is the prestigious 2023 House of Representatives Citation award as well as the 2023 Friends of the Massachusetts Commission of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Award.

Another considerable contributor to the over 30,000 meals delivered in MA is the state’s top delivered chef and MA Local Leader, Joyce Doherty. Joyce has cooked and delivered over 170 lasagnas since her time with the non-profit. When asked how she feels about her work with Lasagna Love, Joyce had this to say, “Volunteering with Lasagna Love for over 3 years has shown me it is about so much more than delivering lasagna and filling bellies. It is about acknowledging and caring about members of your community who need a helping hand and empowering them to ask for help.”

Even with all of the momentum that Massachusetts has accomplished in the past four years, the state is always in need of volunteers to help feed the list of unassigned families that inevitably exists each week. For many people like Andrea and Joyce, volunteering with Lasagna Love means working around their own schedules and it is one reason they have remained so dedicated to this cause. “Lasagna Love is a custom built platform designed to embrace those with a busy schedule, but who still want to make an impact on their community. We really keep in mind that volunteers are often engaged in many items and schedules and we make it easier than most for you to give back to your community in one of the most direct to neighbor impact movements around” said Lasagna Love Executive Director, Andria Larson.

Massachusetts’ milestone is just one of the recent success stories for this nonprofit. Lasagna Love just reached a proud goal of 1.8M individuals fed and this number is growing each day. 2024 is set to be a momentous year for the organization. Their biggest event is centered around National Lasagna Day on Monday, July 29th. The MA team, along with the rest of the organization, will be contributing to the goal of 10,000 lasagnas delivered in a 10 day period. The entire organization is activated to make this the largest event of spreading love and kindness throughout our communities. Lasagna love is partnering with long time partner Galbani cheese and several others and many of those families will be fed right here in MA.

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About Lasagna Love

Lasagna Love is a once viral grassroots neighbor to neighbor community impact program that has grown global in its first 3 years. The organization connects communities through gestures of kindness, goodwill, and support through feeding families in need. The nonprofit has joined together more than 52,000 active volunteers from around the world and abides by three simple principles: feed families, spread kindness, and strengthen communities. Lasagna Love fosters a culture of positivity, empathy, zero-judgment, and maintains a steadfast resolve to deliver comfort when needed most. Lasagna Love volunteers share a seminal purpose: exist to assist. To learn more about Lasagna Love and how you can get involved, visit or our social channels, @WeAreLasagnaLove (Instagram and Facebook).


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