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Delivering 2 lasagnas in Jacksonville bi-weekly for over 2 years, nearing 100, we faced delays after returning from a 3-month medical pause. Frustrated but wanting to help, our regional leader organized a relay. Additional Lasagna Love chefs delivered to us, allowing us to serve three more families.

-Emily, Lasagna Love Volunteer

I want to first off compliment your amazing cooking. This is absolutely scrumptous! Next, I want to tell you thank you for your hard earned money put into the ingredients, time, and the gas to bring it to us! AND in the rain! I’ve never had dinner delivered like this so I am just thankful for it! 

-Marcus, Neighbor in Need

The lasagnas were excellent. Your organization is a Godsend. I'm sorry I missed you this time but I want to share something special: I believe you're one of the angels among us. Your selflessness shines through in everything you do, touching lives and spreading positivity. God bless you. Stay safe and healthy. Safe travels.

-Sophia, Neighbor in Need

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 Thank you again. The lasagna was a BIG hit with the family. The  aroma filled the air as it cooked and brought us all together. This was the first time since the holidays that we've actually sat as a family and enjoyed just hanging out and enjoying dinner together. It was truly a blessing and I am so grateful. Thank you so much.

-Liam, Neighbor in Need

Joining Lasagna Love saved my marriage. My husband and I have grown closer, discovering a shared love for cooking. Despite our different personalities and my disability, making lasagnas together brings us joy! Thank you to this wonderful organization and my stepmother for introducing us. Our relationship has sparked again!

-Isabella, Lasagna Love Volunteer

I thank whatever brought you to this charitable organization and hope this message confirms the worthiness of your mission. Age and mileage mean my wife and I lack time to cook as we used to, so the kindness of others providing home-cooked meals is a simple joy. A blessing on you and yours, dear lady.

-Elijah, Neighbor in Need

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