Homechef Throwdown
Homechef Throwdown

Homechef Throwdown

Attention foodies and community champions! Get ready for an epic culinary showdown that’s about to hit your kitchen with a dose of kindness. We’re thrilled to announce the collaboration between culinary maestro Desarae Legros and Lasagna Love for the HomeChef Throwdown 2024!

Starting March 26th and ending with a live finale on May 21st, this event promises weeks of mouthwatering excitement and heartwarming community engagement. Ten Instagram-famous chefs will battle it out, crafting innovative recipes with products from small businesses, all while spreading love and kindness through food.

But here’s the twist: you get to be the judge! Cast your vote for your favorite chef’s recipe on the Lasagna Love website after each episode, supporting both your favorite chef and Lasagna Love’s mission.
With Desarae Legros leading the charge, alongside the support of partners like ShoreSmoke Seasonings and The Crackerjack Shack, this event isn’t just about cooking—it’s about making a difference. So mark your calendars and join us in this gastronomic extravaganza, where every dish counts towards spreading love, one lasagna at a time.


Cooking Comedy Chaos

Desarae Legros

Desarae Legros

Desarae Legros – Cooking Comedy Chaos, is known for her captivating presence on social media, is not just the host but also a driving force behind this collaboration. She previously ran restaurants until becoming disabled and now, she’s a proud home chef whose passion for food, flavor, and laughter has led to a social media following of more than 36K followers that continues to inspire creativity in the kitchen. Although originally from Akron, Ohio; she now resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband and children. Over the past two years, she’s been a volunteer chef and avid spokeswoman for Lasagna Love and utilizes the organization to help spread love and kindness in her community both online and off. Her passion for Lasagna Love is fueled through thankfulness for the change it makes within our world. It’s the most beautiful love language that we all have the power to speak, even if it is to a stranger. 

Buy Desarae’s Cookbook to help support Lasagna Love

Meet Our Contestants!


Brandon Scott

Trick Pardo

Trick Pardo is a lifelong home chef that loves to bring smiles to faces and food to bellies. His social media presence reads as a jack of all trades while his food content displays special southern recipes, affordable quick meals and interesting “trust me” dishes. Trick extends love to his friends and family through food. Born and raised in Tennessee, Trick lives in Nashville with his husband Josh and two dogs; Tanya Tucker and Patrck Elizabeth Swayze. Having participated in the first round of HomeChef Throwdown, he is honored to return for round two!

The Cooking Mama

Cassidy CAMP

Cassidy Cook

Cassidy is a work from home wife and mom of 3 who loves to help busy families put a home cooked meal on the table even in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. She enjoys showing others you’re never too old (or too young) to learn to cook and there’s no shame in asking questions when it comes to the kitchen. While she has no formal culinary training, her grandma’s influence and love for southern cooking are a large part of her desire to bring families together both in the kitchen and around the dinner table.

Copper Spoon Inn & Tavern

Emily Teuscher

Copper Spoon Inn & Tavern - Emily Teuscher

The CopperSpoon Inn and Tavern is a virtual tavern run by a tavernkeep known as Cob CopperSpoon. Well, that’s her tavern persona at least, Cob CopperSpoon is a character created by Emily, the real life, mundane human woman who runs a fantasy tavern. The CopperSpoon fell into Emily’s life through a random soup video, posted between her normal art content, going completely viral and changing her life. Emily always loved both cooking and fantasy, but she never thought combining the two of them would change her life forever. Now, Emily creates NPC content, cooking in her tavern and welcoming each traveler as they pass through

Kendra Awesomeness

Kendra DePinto

Kendra DePinto

Kendra is a disability advocate who helps make cooking accessible to everyone, especially those within the chronic illness and disability communities. While managing a full time job and college career, she also finds time to create content that inspires love for food, for others and acceptance within her community. Kendra competed in the first season of HomeChef Throwdown and created flavorful dishes that were both vegetarian and vegan friendly! We can’t wait to see what Kendra brings to season 2!

A Wee Bit Silly


Renee "Birdie" Davis

Renee “Birdie” Davis (Angry Cooking with Renee) is a home chef who loves to travel the world through food. Her culinary creations offer diversity and inclusivity; while her community reflects love and bringing others together through food. Everyone is welcome in Renee’s kitchen as long as you wash your damn hands!


Bitter Betty


Bitter Betty - Sara Andrews

Sara Andrews (aka Bitter Betty) is a home chef that enjoys learning new (and sometimes difficult) things. Whether she succeeds or fails, she loves to bring her followers along for the ride; hopefully inspiring them that if she can do it, they can do it too! A little down home and a little glitz & glam, she likes to team up with her husband, Taylor, sometimes to show people how to, “Measure with your heart!”

Bugsy & Company


Bugsy & Company - Ashley Ripple and MacKenzie Conklan

Ashley Ripple and her niece, Mackenzie Conklan, created the Bugsy and Company Kitchen where they love to share their recipes, their stories and their laughter. The duo created the High School Helpers Closet 2 years ago, and they work hard to keep the closet stocked with toiletries, basic necessities, food, school supplies and uniforms. As someone who struggles with anxiety, Ashley understands the importance of speaking openly and using her platform to raise awareness. The Bugsy and Company Kitchen shows that you don’t need extravagant ingredients or fancy tools to put an amazing meal on the table.


Cinnamon Smoke King


Cinnamon Smoke King - Ryan Seenanan

Ryan, known as @cinnamon.smoke.king on TikTok, is a first-generation American with a rich culinary heritage from Guyana. Raised on a diverse palette of Caribbean flavors, he attributes his love for cooking to the influential women in his life: his mother and grandmothers. A self-taught culinary enthusiast, his social media career began unexpectedly when a video of him preparing a family meal went viral, thanks to his girlfriend’s sister, Jen Hamilton. Although his TikTok career began by celebrating his adept use of a Masterbuilt gravity smoker, Ryan’s expertise isn’t limited to smoked dishes. His repertoire includes a variety of well-seasoned, flavorful meals perfect for any weeknight. Launched in August 2023, he champions the idea that there’s a recipe out there for everyone, emphasizing that cooking can be self-taught and should nourish both the body and soul. Ryan’s participation in Lasagna Love’s competition is driven by personal experiences, having seen close friends and family depend on charitable food support. This involvement reflects his commitment to using his skills for a greater cause. Looking ahead, he is determined to challenge traditional gender roles in cooking. His goal is to inspire men to discover the joy of cooking, seeing it as a vital contribution to family life and a way to express care and support for their loved ones. Through his culinary journey, Ryan is not just sharing recipes, but also reshaping perceptions, one delicious meal at a time.

Applesauce and ADHD


Applesauce and ADHD - Jessica Secrest

Jessica Secrest is a 30 year old Midwestern Mom that shows realistic cooking tutorials with her signature aggressive flair. Jessica cooks like many moms in the Midwest, quick and easy cooking, with plenty of cheese and tater tots in a completely non-aesthetic kitchen. On her page she shares her daily life, body positivity, relatable motherhood stories, life hacks and of course aggressive cooking tutorials.


Stoner Gump

Daniel Gossard

Daniel Gossard

StonerGump, Daniel is a “broccoli” connoisseur who works to teach people the wonderful and medicinal benefits of the lord’s lettuce. His fans and family alike know him by his herbally fueled antics and “broccoli” infused recipes. He is father to 4 kids and adoring husband to his “wifey”, Corrie. In 2023 StonerGump and his “Gump’lings raised over $10k for kids in need.


What’s Up Buttercup!

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