Lasagna Love Eco-Friendly Touch of Glass Tumbler




The ultimate tag team for eco-friendly hydration! This sleek glass companion comes with a bamboo lid to keep your sips delightful and your drinks spill-free, mirroring the care and consideration that our volunteers put into each meal. Just as Lasagna Love brings warm, homemade meals to those in need, this tumbler delivers a sense of togetherness with every sip. Together, we’re not just raising a glass – we’re raising hope and creating a lasting difference. Sip smart, sip responsibly, and sip in solidarity for a kinder future!

**Made exclusively by our Local Artisan, Debbie Brown, with Sarcastic Sista LLC located in Georgia**

PLEASE NOTE: This item ships separately from all other items in the store and may arrive before your other items.

Size Chart

16 oz frosted tumbler