Lasagna Love Wine Collection



Lasagna Love proudly collaborates with the acclaimed Old York Cellars of Ringoes, NJ, to curate an exceptional wine collection. Our partnership introduces a selection of white, red, and blush blend wines, each graced with a bespoke label meticulously crafted to honor our core values: nourishing families, fostering kindness, and building resilient communities.

Stacking layers of goodness high, we present a truly special opportunity: the chance to inscribe your personal message directly onto the bottle! Embracing the spirit of Lasagna Love, we believe in the power of personal touches, and our wine experience is no exception. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or gifting our wine, enhance the moment with a heartfelt note using our branded marker, included with your purchase.

Ideal for birthdays, congratulations, milestones, or simply letting someone know you’re thinking of them. Sending it directly to a loved one? Consider it handled!

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Lasagna Love receives a donation ranging between 30-35% for each purchase, varying based on the specific product chosen.