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Lasagna Love
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“My husband passed away August 15th because of Covid, to say that it has been hard is an understatement. I requested a lasagna mostly because I wanted to feel the comfort of a home cooked meal. My husband was the cook in our home, I resort to very simple cooking. I received a lasagna a few days before Christmas which came at the perfect time. My son came from college and this was our Christmas dinner. This act of kindness brought so much joy and hope.”

Recipient, North Carolina

Double Your Impact

Did you know that thousands of companies will match employee donations to Lasagna Love? Check if yours does.

“I work for a non-profit that combats food insecurity. I really love my job and that I get to help feed people… …Lasagna Love gives me a different kind of experience. As an LL chef, I feel like I’m really able to connect with my community. When I get to take a meal to someone, I get to be with them for a moment wherever they are in life. For me, there’s nothing like the gift of food to say ‘I care about you.'”

Lasagna Chef, Kansas

Give a Gift in Honor

Donate in honor of someone, and we will send them a handwritten card letting them know! Regardless of the occasion, your gift will honor a loved one and help us spread more kindness around the globe.

“What participation in this group has provided to me is so much more than my sharing meals with my neighbors. I have found a kind sisterhood and a focus to my week. I look forward to receiving an email on Tuesday mornings alerting me about my match for the week. The planning, communicating with the family, shopping, cooking and delivering have gotten me off the couch, out of the house and has given me purpose.”

Lasagna Chef, Georgia

Become a Corporate Partner

Make a difference in the lives of your community while engaging your employees and gaining exposure.

“Lasagna love have help me and my family so much, from not knowing what we will eat for the night. Lasagna love was always there when times was hard. Knowing we have a set meal every month is so helpful. It’s made with so much love and care, delivered fresh and hot. I’m a mother of twins and it get hard for me at times with food, between food pantry’s and lasagna love I’m not sure how we would be able to eat without the help.”

Recipient, Florida

Sponsor a Chef

Want to support, but don’t have time to cook? Your support will feed families and keep our work going strong.

“I’ve been volunteering with Lasagna Love for almost 2 years now and love the opportunity to spread kindness throughout my community. Through the sponsorship program I’m able to feed more families than ever before! Each month I’m able to cook and deliver to over 12 families. The generous donations have helped me chip away at the very long request list in the Des Moines, Iowa metro and connect with more families in need. Sending a heartfelt THANK YOU to the sponsors from the families and me!”

Lasagna Chef, Iowa

Support Our Auction

Have something amazing that you’d like to donate to our annual Lasagna Love birthday auction? From something as luxurious as a vacation home, as adventurous as tickets to sporting event, or as quirky as a Scavenger Hunts by Let’s Roam. We would be thrilled with any contribution you are willing to make!

“I heard about Lasagna Love through a neighborhood app for needy families. I worried about judgement, as my family looks “ok” from the outside, but we have been struggling. There was no judgment here, no questions asked, just home cooked hearty food that nourished us. These volunteers truly care about the world and the people in it! When I am able, I hope to pass it along.”

Recipient, Maryland