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Money Raised:

1st week: $300

2nd week: $328

Total so far: $628


Week 2 Challenge: Sweet and Savory Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two Using the Dash Mini Heart Waffle maker and Mini Heart Bundt Cake maker with canned goods

What happens when you support Lasagna Love?

Everything was normal until October 2021. I had a cancer scare and had to have major surgery and our life was flipped upside down. I could no longer work or take care of my family which I had been doing for the last 10 years. Our income was dramatically effected to the point of choosing between food and paying the mortgage. This service has 100% restored my faith in humanity and not only that it was DELICIOUS! My kids stuffed themselves and we couldn’t have been happier that night. I cannot thank you enough for what you all do, and I am determined to join the team of volunteers as soon as I’m able to, to pay it forward!!
Lasagna Love Recipient

I started my volunteer journey with Lasagna Love earlier this year. After a few short months I needed to place myself on pause because I unexpectedly lost my father (at age 61). If grief isn’t a hard enough emotion to navigate, I was also 35 weeks pregnant. The days were overwhelming. I requested a lasagna not knowing if anyone else in my small community even knew about the program but was matched & delivered to within a few days. The sincere kindness showed to me by my volunteer & the relief I felt in that moment brought me to tears. Having this new prospective from both sides of a meal is such a valuable experience. Thank you to everyone on the Lasagna Love team. You have no idea the impact you are making on others!
Lasagna Love Volunteer & Recipient

I heard about Lasagna Love through a neighborhood app for needy families. I worried about judgement, as my family looks “ok” from the outside, but we have been struggling. There was no judgment here, no questions asked, just home cooked hearty food that nourished us. I asked for one for my family of four, and we ate it for two days-the wonderful volunteer even brought Italian bread and dessert! And just two days ago, I received a message from another wonderful volunteer, without me even asking, saying she was bringing one over for the holidays. It was delicious! These volunteers truly care about the world and the people in it! When I am able, I hope to pass it along. Hopefully by then I will have the unbelievable cooking skills these volunteers have!
Lasagna Love Recipient

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