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My introduction to Lasagna Love probably occurred much the same way as for many of you: I watched a news story about local families who were making lasagna for their neighbors in need and I was instantly fascinated.  I could not believe the idea was so simple: not simple because it required zero effort, but simple because it was accessible to everyone willing to help.

I would love to say I immediately went online and signed up to be a Lasagna Mama.  While that would be ideal for my story, that would also be a lie, as it was 6 a.m. and all I could think about was coffee.  However, later in the evening, my local news channel ran the story again and that time it stuck.  I needed to get involved; I love to cook, and I am kind of good at it if I do say so myself, but that is not what compelled me to sign-up.  It was the problem of food insecurity that had been bothering me during the pandemic.  See, I am a mom.  I have a 13-year-old boy that I would do anything in the world for.  I was struggling with the idea that the U.S. was experiencing such wide-spread food shortages, and resources were just not available to families. Adults and children alike were affected by this problem.  How could this be?

Ok…now what?

My original intent was to serve as a Lasagna Mama in the Cincinnati/Dayton area, making an occasional lasagna or two every other week.  I was not exactly sure how big the effort was in my community, but I figured that if I could help even a little bit that it would be appreciated.  However, as I got connected with Lasagna Love, I realized that I wanted to do more.  At the time, I was not sure what that would look like, and that was alright.  I certainly had no idea that the opportunity would be there for me to be the regional leader in my area and eventually work with our amazing PR & Social Media team.  I feel so grateful to have found my people!

A grass-roots effort to serve others kindness (in the form of lasagna)

You know what I love most about Lasagna Love?  It is proof that kindness is not an old-fashioned idea.  No matter what you believe, no matter where you are:  kindness can prevail and all it takes is a little effort.  At a time when hate, overwhelming need, and frustration seem to meet us at every corner, one woman decided to be better.  It did not start with a huge explosion; but a small spark that was enough to engulf her.  She saw a need to help families in her community and she did something about it:  she made some dinner…just like any mama would do.  And, by doing this simple act, she has ignited a fire of kindness that has spread across the U.S and has brought love and food to so many families.  Kindness with a serving of lasagna…who knew that was what the world needed now??!!

~Jenn Sauer