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The holidays are the season of giving, so of course our chefs have gone above and beyond to feed more families this month.

Last week, a group of Lasagna Chefs in St. Louis, partnered with four other nonprofits to give back in a huge way. The event was sponsored by House of Miles East St. Louis, a nonprofit that has preserved Jazz Great Mile Davis’s childhood home. Their mission is to nurture, empower, and embrace the talents of upcoming generations by reclaiming, restoring, and revitalizing their core values and COOL. COOL: Constantly Operating On Love.

The event consisted of 4 nonprofits, The House of Mile, Gateway Pet Guardians, Shoe Flys, and of course Lasagna Love, coming together to provide gifts, warm clothes, and home cooked meals. The whole group was able to provide warm clothes and gifts for 40 local children, and provide 100 lasagnas to feed the community.

This is what the giving season and Lasagna Love are all about. Coming together to support and give back to our communities. 

“The event was in the spirit of keeping the season warm and bright. Warm clothes, full bellies, bright smiles.”- Andria Larson, Lasagna Love chief of staff who helped organize the event