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2021 was a huge year for us at Lasagna Love! We started off the year on a kind note, and launched our kindness pledge. And now we have over 5,000 people (and counting!) who have pledged to do kind acts in their communities.

We have had countless news stories highlighting the amazing things our volunteers are doing in their communities and have had countless incredible human beings sign on to join us on our mission.

In the process of helping to strengthen our local communities, we have built a community of our own within Lasagna Love.

We celebrated our 1 year anniversary in April!

We had our first two big corporate sponsors, Rao’s and Pastene, who helped us deliver 5,000 lasagnas in 1 week!! A Lasagna Love personal record 😉


We celebrated National Lasagna Day on July 29th, set our delivery record, and reached 100,000 deliveries all in the same week.

Lasagna chefs hand out meals outside of starbucks Vermont lasagna delivery Lasagna Love partners with kind hearts for kids Lasagna love event on National Lasagna Day Pastene and lasagna love

We partnered with March of Dimes to help spread kindness to new parents.


Thanks to our partner, LG, we had local chefs and major influencers join in on the fun and help us spread the word on our mission.

And we’re heading into the new year with the most incredible community of people all dedicated to making the world a better place.