BOSTON, Mass. (July 13, 2023) – Everyone’s favorite Italian comfort food, lasagna, will be celebrated once again on July 29: National Lasagna Day. Lasagna is not only a delicious and savory cheesy dish, served piping hot and shared with loved ones, it has also become a symbol of goodwill and kindness. Lasagna Love, a nonprofit organization launched by Rhiannon Menn in 2020, will observe the special day by delivering 10,000 lasagnas to deserving families and organizations.

What began as a small, friendly gesture to safely maintain contact with neighbors during the coronavirus shutdown three years ago quickly became an international movement. Lasagna Love grew into an organization with more than 45,000 volunteers in all 50 US states as well as Australia and Canada. Since its inception, the incredible group of dedicated Lasagna Love helpers have prepared and delivered 350,000 lasagnas to 1.5 million individuals—including 876,000 children. 

Lasagna Love set an ambitious goal in 2022 to deliver 10,000 lasagnas, enlist 1,000 new volunteers, and raise $100,000 on National Lasagna Day. Unsurprisingly, the goal was achieved, and the leadership team decided to make 2023 another record-breaking year. 

“For us, lasagna is more than just a meal. Lasagna represents a symbol of hope, home-cooked with love, and hand-delivered with dignity and respect,” Menn said. “No matter the reason for the need, Lasagna Love is devoted to feeding families, spreading kindness, and strengthening communities.”

Lasagna Love has partnered with like-minded people and businesses that strive to create strong communities and families through kindness and positivity. RAGÚ®, Galbani Cheese, and Carrabba’s Italian Grill. have returned as sponsors this year and Lasagna Love welcomes new partners including Whirlpool, Pegasystems, Salesforce, and others. 

“For over 85 years, RAGÚ has been a mealtime staple for so many Americans. We are thrilled to partner with Lasagna Love again this year and extend support in their mission of neighbors helping neighbors across communities nationwide,” said Megan Frank, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Mizkan America, Inc., the maker of RAGÚ. “We believe that preparing a home-cooked meal is the ultimate expression of love, and RAGÚ’s new Kettle Cooked sauces make preparing delicious lasagna for family, friends, or community members in need even easier.”

“We serve lasagne with love every day at Carrabba’s—so we’re thrilled to support the home-cooked mission of Lasagna Love,” said Bronze Major, Senior Director of Marketing, Carrabba’s Italian Grill. “At select Carrabba’s locations, we’ll be donating approximately 2,000 lasagnas to community members in need. Carrabba’s has also committed to donating 10% of all in-restaurant or online lasagna entrée sales on National Lasagna Day to Lasagna Love.

In addition to its valued partners, Lasagna Love will also be recognizing individual “Star Chef Honorees” – volunteers who have made significant contributions to the Lasagna Love mission. Individuals from across the country will be recognized for their commitment to community and revealed across Lasagna Love’s social media platforms leading up to National Lasagna Day.

Beneficiaries of the 2023 culinary extravaganza include individual families, first responders, homeless shelters, food banks, retirement homes, Ronald McDonald Houses and more.

About Lasagna Love

Lasagna Love is a community impact program that connects neighbors through gestures of kindness, goodwill, and support. The nonprofit has brought together more than 45,000 volunteers from around the world and abides by a trio of guiding principles: to feed families, spread kindness, and strengthen communities. Lasagna Love fosters a culture of positivity, empowerment, empathy, zero-judgment, and maintains a steadfast resolve to deliver comfort when needed most. The organization’s seminal purpose is: exist to assist

To request a meal, become a volunteer Lasagna Chef, to nominate a recipient for a Lasagna Love delivery, or to support Lasagna Love through donations or the purchase of Lasagna Love store merchandise, visit or our social channels @WeAreLasagnaLove. 

About The RAGÚ® Brand

The RAGÚ® brand was founded in 1937 by Assunta and Giovani Cantisano and their sauce was originally sold from their home in Rochester, New York. Assunta carried her family’s recipe from Italy when she immigrated to New York in 1914, and it has now been enjoyed by American families for over 85 years. With a wide selection of sauce varieties ranging from the beloved Old-World Style to the Chunky line, cheese sauces, Simply, and new Kettle Cooked, RAGÚ sauce can empower anyone to “Cook Like a Mother” regardless of gender or culinary skill. Today, RAGÚ sauce is the go-to pasta sauce for families coming together to share a quick and delicious meal and an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to “Cook Like a Mother” in the kitchen. For the very latest news, recipes and more from the RAGÚ brand, please check out the brand at www.RAGÚ.com. You can also follow along on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and TikTok.


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