Giving is at the heart of the holiday season. We often think of glittering lights and harmonious melodies during this festive season. As a symbol of love, warmth, and unity, Lasagna Love embodies the spirit of the season. A spirit of generosity shines through Lasagna Love’s dedication to providing a home-cooked meal to those in need. Volunteering for Lasagna Love allows us to spread joy and create meaningful connections in our community. In honor of the season of giving, we asked our volunteer chefs to share what inspired them to join Lasagna Love.

Angie Bouchard Madore, a volunteer chef from Boston who recently moved to Maine, said, “I’ve always loved to cook.” This was a great way to give back to the community and for my family to spend time together. It’s a small gesture, a token of care that can impact someone’s day or week.” Earlier this year, Angie “stepped into the role of Regional Director after seeing the lack of representation in central Maine and the Midcoast.” Through her volunteer role and passion for cooking, Angie is making a difference in the lives of those in need.

The holidays are a time for reflection and appreciation, and many people choose to recognize the less fortunate or give back to those who have helped them. This time of year, many people enjoy volunteering to spend time with family and friends while giving back to the community. Volunteerism increases during these months due to a collective desire to give back.

Another dedicated volunteer, Allan F, shared, “I am a volunteer chef in Massachusetts and grew up in a large Italian family. I am well acquainted with making delicious lasagna, and I hate to read about folks having trouble putting food on the table, whatever the reason. When my niece-in-law told me about Lasagna Love, it was a no-brainer. Two highlights of my week are match day and delivery day. I am recently retired, and my two favorite activities are volunteering and writing poetry. Here is a poem I wrote about Lasagna Love.”

Lasagna Love

Whether you are from Italy, France, or Espana 

Let me tell you friends 

You’ve got to love Lasagna Love!


-Allan F.

Lasagna Love thrives on the energy and generosity of volunteers and donors. Whether you’re inspired to roll up your sleeves and join us in the kitchen or support our mission through a donation, every contribution amplifies our impact. Dive into the heart of the season. Let’s spread love, one lasagna at a time. To be a part of the movement without the baking join us by becoming a monthly supporter here .

In understanding the worldwide movement of holiday volunteerism, we’re reminded of a profound truth: Our shared humanity transcends boundaries. Amidst this festive season, consider this: Your time, skills, or resources could be the beacon of hope someone needs. Volunteering is easy! It is on your own schedule, doing as much as you like. To join in baking and delivering a lasagna, join us here.

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