From Neighborly Gestures to Global Impact: Transforming a Simple Act of Kindness into a Movement of Community Support and Resilience

St. Louis, Missouri, United States – Reaching across continents, Lasagna Love has now touched over 2 million people facing hardship with home-cooked lasagnas, marking a significant milestone in its global mission of kindness and community support. Since its founding in 2020, Lasagna Love has rapidly grown from a local community effort into a significant force for combating hunger, loneliness, and general need. Expanding beyond the United States, Lasagna Love now also operates in Canada and Australia, driven by over 56,000 volunteers.

The Need for Lasagna Love: Tackling Food Insecurity and Social Isolation In the United States, food insecurity affects over 44.2 million people, including more than 7.3 million children, demonstrating a dire need for direct community support​ according to the 2022 USDA report​. Lasagna Love’s unique direct-to-need model not only meets this demand for nourishment but also bridges community gaps, bringing people together at a time when connection is more important than ever. Lasagna Love addresses the critical issues of food insecurity and social isolation, problems that have intensified in many communities.

Andria Larson, Executive Director, comments on the organization’s impact: “Seeing our initiative grow to impact millions globally not only highlights the incredible power of community but also underscores the essential nature of our mission. Each lasagna delivered represents a personal commitment to kindness, caring, and connection. Frankly, we need more kindness in our world.”

Human Connections: Highlighting Lasagna Love’s Community Impact
Our mission revolves around three core principles:

Feeding Families
We provide home-cooked lasagnas to those facing hardship. This effort goes beyond merely filling stomachs—it’s about bringing kindness, warmth, and a sense of normalcy to individuals and families during challenging times.
Spreading Kindness
Every lasagna delivered is an act of kindness, a gesture that communicates care and compassion. We deeply believe that small acts of kindness can ripple through communities, fostering an environment of support and goodwill. It not only provides a positive act of kindness for volunteers but cultivates a “pay it forward” movement. In a recent Lasagna Love survey, we found that over 92% of those who have received lasagna were inclined to initiate an act of kindness for someone else in the near future. Over 80% of those were committed to doing so within 14 days after receiving their lasagna. Lasagna Love was able to confirm what we thought from the beginning: kindness is contagious.
Strengthening Communities
By mobilizing local volunteers to cook and deliver meals within their neighborhoods, we are strengthening community ties and building networks of support. Our direct-to-door approach not only helps those in need but also builds lasting relationships and encourages a spirit of community involvement. Our organization lets our neighbors know that they are cared for and seen when they face challenging situations.

Stories of Impact: Network Effect of Kindness in Action
In Massachusetts, volunteers recently celebrated delivering their 30,000 lasagna in their state. In Australia, the delivery of their 500th lasagna marked a growing international presence, with each dish spreading more than warmth—it’s spreading hope.

The impact of these efforts is best expressed through the stories of those involved, like volunteer Kim L., who shares, “I love this organization because it enables us to help our neighbors, see the impact firsthand, work around our schedules, and do it as a family. We were fortunate to feed two families today.”

Another testament to the organization’s impact comes from a neighbor in need, Barbara, who left a touching note for a volunteer: “We appreciate your kindness! Thank you for bringing dinner and making life a little easier during my husband’s recovery. You brought sunshine to our day! We hope your life and days are filled with love and joy! All the best, Barbara.” This personal acknowledgment shows the immediate relief and joy that a simple act of kindness can bring to those facing challenges.

By integrating empowerment, positivity, zero judgment, innovation, and empathy into every facet of operations, the organization continues to expand its impact, ensuring that no individual or family must face tough times alone.

Volunteer involvement is vital to continuing the mission. Together, Lasagna Love and their volunteers can ensure no family in need goes without the comfort of a home-cooked meal and community support.

Join us in the celebration and make a difference:
Every lasagna you help to deliver to a neighbor in need takes us closer to the next million. Volunteer, donate, or share our story—be a part of this global kindness movement today! Here is how you can get involved:

Donate: Support our mission by visiting here.

Volunteer: Be a part of our community of volunteers.

Learn More: Discover more about our work by visiting our website

About Lasagna Love

Founded in 2020, Lasagna Love began as a grassroots initiative aimed at offering warmth and sustenance to neighbors during times of hardship. Today, it has blossomed into a global movement powered by the kindness of over 56,000 volunteers spread across continents. At its core, Lasagna Love is driven by a commitment to kindness, community support, and the profound belief that every act of compassion has the power to transform lives. Through the simple act of cooking and delivering homemade meals, Lasagna Love addresses critical issues like food insecurity and social isolation, creating waves of positivity that reach far beyond the dinner table.

Our network of volunteers not only shares meals but also fosters connections and supports individuals facing challenges, making every lasagna delivered a symbol of hope and togetherness. As we continue to expand our reach and impact, Lasagna Love remains dedicated to its mission of feeding bodies, hearts, and spirits in communities worldwide. To learn more about Lasagna Love and how you can get involved, visit or follow our journey on our social channels, @WeAreLasagnaLove (Instagram and Facebook).


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