Contactless delivery began as a COVID-19 measure but has evolved into an integral part of Lasagna Love’s strategy to reduce barriers to kindness. Contactless delivery is one of the many steps we can take to remove the stigma attached to asking for help. Contactless delivery plays a vital role in our mission, allowing us to ensure that everyone feels safe to ask for help without judgment. In addition to strengthening communities, delivering a lasagna to a neighbor’s porch creates a domino effect. We witness the collective strength of humanity with lasagna recipients paying it forward, seeking additional help, and nominating friends in a cycle of generosity and compassion.

Each lasagna delivery serves as a reminder that “need” cannot always be seen from the outside. When someone asks for help, they don’t have to explain why they need lasagna. Everyone’s situation is different, and lasagna provides more than a warm meal. It is a symbol of goodwill, hope, and connection. With anonymity, thoughtfulness becomes the center of attention rather than who is behind it. Anonymity allows the recipient to feel supported without judgment. It is a small gesture that can have a lasting impact on someone’s life. We can increase empathy and understanding by creating a bridge between those who need a little help and those who can help.  

Many Lasagna Love volunteers have been on both sides of that bridge. The Fayetteville Observer recently highlighted one of our wonderful volunteers who understands how kindness can help during trying times.

“Twice a month, Mindy Lee Barron bakes homemade lasagna and delivers it to a neighbor in need — no matter the reason.” Like many of our generous volunteers, Mindy is paying it forward. “The mother of two can empathize, she said — Barron and her husband Michael, 43, have been down on their luck before, and the kindness of a stranger made all the difference.” “I’ve been there,” she said. “I’ve had a guardian angel help my family.”

Spreading kindness anonymously has a far-reaching impact. Kindness can be a ripple effect of positivity that inspires others to feel safe asking for help. Lasagna Love is committed to building a more compassionate and connected community through contactless delivery, breaking down barriers to kindness.