Andria Larson

Executive Director

Andria is a dynamic and visionary leader who has played a pivotal role in the growth and success of Lasagna Love, rising from one of its very first volunteers to now serving as the Executive Director of the organization. With an entrepreneurial background in the food and service industry, Andria’s journey with Lasagna Love began when she lived in San Diego, California, for 12 years. She joined founder Rhiannon Menn when the initiative was just a collection of random acts of kindness aimed at feeding the community. She too, found herself in a time of need but in the form of needing to give. Since then, she has been instrumental in transforming Lasagna Love into a globally recognized entity. She brings her wealth of experience and leadership to her new role. Andria, along with her two children, has since relocated to the St. Louis, Missouri region.

Andria’s professional background is marked by her exceptional ability to lead, plan strategically, and manage crises and challenges effectively. As the Executive Director and Chief of Staff at Lasagna Love, she has overseen the organization’s global expansion, managing a massive team of 60,000 volunteers across diverse regions. Her responsibilities have ranged from HR functions and financial management to policy formulation and legal compliance. Furthermore, Andria’s expertise extends to outreach efforts through press releases and social media management, as well as event planning to align with Lasagna Love’s mission and vision.

Prior to her role at Lasagna Love, Andria gained valuable experience in various leadership positions, including Training Specialist at Hallmark Cards and roles in management, training, and operations at companies like Black Angus Steakhouse, American Girl (Mattel), Chipotle Mexican Grill, Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon, as well as her own restaurant. She boasts an impressive skill set that includes designing business procedures, operations management, strategic planning, crisis management, and more. Additionally, she is a certified ServeSafe professional and an active member of the American Legion Auxiliary.

Andria’s commitment to service is not limited to her professional life. She has made significant contributions to her community through volunteer work, including her role as a Volunteer Chef, Local Leader, and Regional Director with Lasagna Love. She has also dedicated her time to the Y.M.C.A. of Southwest Illinois, where she has been involved with the Aquatics Department and served as a lifeguard and Adult swim classes.

When Andria is enjoying her downtime, she spends time attending her daughter’s horse riding lessons, her son’s band practices, and cooking! You can bet that if there is a live music or art event, it is on her calendar!