Welcome to the TikTok HomeChef Throwdown! You know how it works. You get one free vote each week. But don’t stop there! You can buy extra votes for just $2 each to make sure your favorite HomeChef wins the challenge! What’s even better about this contest? Every $30 raised helps Lasagna Love provide service to a family in your community that needs a home-cooked meal. So vote early and vote often, and let’s raise some money to reach families and spread kindness across the country!

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Contest rules: The contest is comprised of eight weekly challenges, beginning March 26th. For each challenge voting opens on Tuesday  at 6am EST and closes on Sunday at 11:59pm EST. Lasagna Love will tally the free and purchased votes at the end of each challenge. Votes will be added for all challenges at the end of eight weeks. The two contestants who have the most votes at the end of the eight weeks will go live and battle it out in a chopped style cooking competition to determine the winner. I understand that by voting, I am agreeing to receive email communications from Lasagna Love and HexClad, and I can unsubscribe from those communications at any time.