Pageant queens were once known for their beautiful dresses and endless smiles, but now they use their platforms to spread kindness. Beauty pageants worldwide raise awareness about social issues, from food insecurity to education. Beauty pageants bring together women from all over the world who share a passion for volunteering. It is an honor for Lasagna Love’s mission to be a platform for so many pageant contestants. Through their powerful voices, we can feed more families, spread more kindness, and strengthen our communities. 

The idea originated in 1921 to increase newspaper circulation and extend the summer season for resort businesses. Newspapers judged photographs of young women from across the country. In Atlantic City, winners were judged based on their “personality and social graces.” Today, Miss America, Miss USA, and Miss Universe are among the most prestigious national and international pageants that do not select winners based solely on their beauty, but on their contributions to the community. On stage, contestants have more opportunities to present their community service platforms. When you hold a pageant title, you have more opportunities to volunteer, raise awareness, and fundraise for a charity. 

For many contestants, their platform is personal. For others, their investment in the community aligns with principles that are important to them. Recently, we spoke with Kristina Green, Ms. Eminence Plus Elite 2023, one of our many pageant queens cooking and delivering homemade lasagna to their neighbors across the country. Like many modern-day pageant queens, Kristina isn’t your stereotypical title holder. She started pageantry on the later side; she is a plus-size model and continued to enter pageants for three years before winning her first title. Since then, Kristina has won many titles, including her most recent title last summer as the reigning Ms. Eminence Plus Elite.  

Kristina shared with us how she became involved with Lasagna Love. After volunteering for the Ronald McDonald House, she saw a post online about Lasagna Love and was immediately drawn to our mission. Much like her work at the Ronald McDonald House and her past volunteering experience with animals, spreading kindness was the foundation of her platform. She loves to cook and has been incredibly moved by several recent deliveries. Her first delivery was to a family who shared their harrowing experience leaving Ukraine. For them, this lasagna was a symbol of hope as they waited for their US visas. During a recent delivery, as she approached an apartment complex expecting a no-contact delivery, she was greeted by a little girl playing outside. With a big smile, this little girl was so proud to accept her lasagna. 

Like Kristina and all our “Lasagna Queens,” having a platform or a cause they are passionate about is an integral part of pageantry. A platform built on kindness will elevate the Lasagna Love mission and fill the world with more kindness. Together, with your help, we can make the world a more beautiful place.