Around the world, Giving Tuesday certainly inspires a whole lot of kindness. Each year we are reminded of the power of collective giving and the momentum created by a single act of generosity. It’s the perfect time of year to watch a feel-good, family-friendly television series like The Kindness Diaries, which follows Leon Logothetis, an ex-stockbroker turned “kindness whisperer,” as he travels the world on a vintage motorbike on only $5.00 per day. Without food, water, or shelter, Leon relies solely on the generosity of strangers to not only fuel his motorbike but also to fuel his soul. Each episode reminds us of the life-changing power of real human connection and one simple act of kindness. 

Like Lasagna Love, The Kindness Diaries is a movement fueled by generosity. While Leon has no money in his pocket, he has money allocated for random acts that he returns to many unsuspecting, kind souls. Food is central in many episodes, showing how sharing food creates human connection. Many people are willing to feed strangers, even if they have very little. No questions asked. His journey reminds us that Lasagna Love is about neighbors helping neighbors, strangers helping strangers- no questions asked. 

“Giving Tuesday” was started in 2012 with a simple idea: the opportunity to do good. This year, it took place on November 28th. At Lasagna Love, this one day is part of a more extensive campaign, “Pasta for a Purpose,” which runs from November 1st to December 31st, 2023. Everyone has something to give. Giving can be in the form of time, acts of kindness, donations, or spreading the word about Lasagna Love. Giving is at the heart of what we do at Lasagna Love. Please join us in this global movement that inspires millions to provide, collaborate, and celebrate generosity. We hope these ideas will inspire you to participate in this special day and help fuel Lasagna Love’s mission. 

-Financial gifts enable us to allocate resources where they are most needed. Donating to our organization directly supports our mission of feeding families, spreading kindness, and strengthening communities. We are focusing this year on the infrastructure of our platform, which creates neighbor-to-neighbor matching. As part of Project Ricotta, we are also allocating additional funds to support state-wide outreach and leadership support. Your financial gifts directly impact our stakeholders, volunteers, and lasagna recipients.

Visit to donate.  

Lasagna Love uses programs like Benevity and CyberGrants to encourage employees to volunteer. At Lasagna Love, you may receive credit for your volunteer hours or participate in our donation matching program.  

If you are a neighbor receiving a lasagna and experienced the power of kindness from a stranger, or you are delivering lasagnas in your community, your story of Lasagna Love has power! Share your story by clicking here.

We have learned a thing or two about why and how kindness spreads worldwide, but what inspires the Lasagna Love community? Recipients receiving lasagnas feel encouraged to give back to their communities through acts of kindness. But how often and why? A new Lasagna Love survey suggests it happens all the time.  

Recent surveys of our recipients showed that people feel more connected (89%) and more supported (93%) by their community due to a home-cooked meal. What’s more, this act of kindness inspires more acts of kindness. 98% of Lasagna Love recipients said they were inspired to pay it forward. Many paid it forward within days (21%), while others committed to a specific action in the future (45%). The remainder made a general commitment to do something kind. Now that is impact!  

By being kind, we invest in something bigger than ourselves, bringing more significant meaning to our lives. On this Giving Tuesday week, please join us as we, like Leon, put our faith in strangers, build deep human connections through food, and provide comfort to those who need it most. Lasagna Love is fueled by kindness. Giving Tuesday inspires kindness.